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Nail Mail – Mess Free Mani : Peel-Off Base Coat (UK ONLY)


5.00 out of 5


‘Mess Free Mani’ Liquid Latex Nail Tape is the solution to adventurous nail art! Never again will you have to spend ages using countless brushes and cotton buds scrubbing polish off of your newly manicured fingers. Simply paint around your nail, wait to dry – go polish crazy, then peel off. Each bottle will give you 50 + mess free mani applications!

NEW Dual Use Formula – Use as a Nail Art Barrier or Peel-Off Base Coat


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Benefits of Liquid Nail Tape

Easy application

1 bottle will give you 50 + Mess Free Mani’s

Dual Use – Nail Art Barrier & Peel-Off Base Coat

Super cute bottle

Made by nail artists

The solution to many different types of nail art:


Water marbles

Stencils / nail vinyls

Acid washing or splattering

General messy nail application

Product Ingredients

Natural latex, natural rubber, water & trace of ammonia


How To Use & Tips

Base coat can be applied before or after application, depending on your preference.

Paint generously about 15mm onto the skin above the top of the cuticle and then around the nail, and underneath the tip especially at the corners – we find this to be an especially messy, polish build up, area.

Be patient, try to leave to dry for about 5-10 minutes for best results.

Avoid the liquid going onto the nail – wipe clean if this happens, or wait for latex to dry and push away from nail.

Once dry, push the dried latex towards the cuticle to create a little tab to grab.

Either using fingers or tweezers pull the latex downwards and away from the nail.


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1 review for Nail Mail – Mess Free Mani : Peel-Off Base Coat (UK ONLY)

  1. Leanne
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    AMAZING! I brought this product because in the UK it was really difficult to find a similar product for a reasonable price. This works really well, I usually spend 10-20 minutes on clean up after certain manicures such as water marbles and splatters but I spent less then 5 with this product, I just painted it around my nails, waited 10 minutes and then started my manicure, when I was finished I peeled the nail tape off which came off in one piece and cleared all the polish from the skin surrounding my nail. I would definitely buy again and would recommend.

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