Top 5 ‘Must-Have’ Nail Art Tools – Beginners


Hey loves! We have been desperate to write a ‘nail art faves’ post since launching the online store in November last year, so I’m really excited to share our collective Top 5 nail art must-haves with you. We are in no-way experts or qualified nail technicians/artists, in fact (I can’t speak for the rest of the team but myself personally) some of my nail art isn’t even that great – I just love it!  This is definitely a list for beginners. 

You’ll notice that we have not included nail care products – but we will post a Top 5 Nail-Care soon. However we will say that, we hope that you all use a base coat – we use Nail Envy by OPI. Nail Varnish Remover is an obvious essential, we’re sure you all have a bottle of the stuff lying around. Finally, we don’t start a mani without knowing where our rapid-dry topcoat is, because without this.. well all is doomed!

So lets take a closer look at our fave tools, these are our 5 everyday nail art essentials….

5. Clean-up brush


As we previously mentioned, most of us are still learning, and my steady hand…well isn’t too steady, so we always make sure that we pour some nail varnish remover into a little pot before we start, and grab a cotton pad to remove excess polish from our brushes on clear up.

Our favourite go to Clean-Up Brush is from The Nailsaurus Emporium – we are particularly in-love the Angled Clean-Up Brush.


Quick and easy removal of accidental nail spill around fingers

It’s strong enough to tackle the thickest water marble and remove multiple layers built during gradients from around your nails

It’s also super useful for gently correcting lines directly on the design of your nails

4. Dotting Tools 


We love dotting tools, they’re great for creating simple polka dots, (or for the more adventurous) they’re also brilliant for getting started with most nail art designs.

Our favourites are available from our Etsy store and they’re a steal for £2.95 for 5! These dotting tools have two ends of different sizes so you get a great selection of 10 different sizes in one pack.


Dotting tools are perfect for creating leopard print designs

Colouring in stamping plate designs

Colouring in nail art stencil design

Creating flowers

…and finally polka dot OBVS

3. Nail Art Stencils 


This is where our passion for nail art started! Stencils are fantastic for beginners because all you have to do is simply decide on your base colour, or even simpler don’t use a base colour if you want to create a design using negative space (alike the first image in this post), then place your stencils over your nails and paint over. We always advice to remove the stencils immediately to prevent bleed and apply a rapid dry topcoat.

Nail Mail stencils are amazing for achieving a huge variety of fun, on-trend nail art designs – you can find some of our favourites here.


Great variety of designs such as; Moroccan vintage, Aztec Chevron, Chevron… everyone has different tastes, and we’re confident you will find something that suits your style

Less fiddly that cutting strips of striping tape

Quick, simple and impressive looking nail art

Combine with your current nail varnish collection

Can be used with gel polish

WOW your friends and clients with impressive designs

Great for inspiration

Super cheap!

2. Tweezers 


Now, we know this seems pretty basic but tweezers are a great help with nail art! Don’t you just hate it when you have just finished painting your nails and a charming bit of fluff suddenly decides to get involved. Now they’re going to get covered in polish, glitter etc so the cheaper the better. Our faves are from Amazon and they’re only 77p! However I’d suggest getting a few as they always seem to go walk abouts.


Placing and removing Nail Stencils

Extracting fluff, flies and other foreign substances that just want to ruin your paint job

Helping transfer water-decals from paper to nail

Placing tiny nail charms

1. Mess Free Mani – Liquid Nail Tape 


Liquid nail tape has to be the best new nail art product, and our very own ‘Mess Free Mani’ Liquid Nail Tape is the solution to adventurous nail art! Never again will you have to spend ages using countless brushes and cotton buds scrubbing polish off of your newly manicured fingers. Simply paint around your nail, wait to dry – go polish crazy, then peel off. Each bottle will give you 50 + mess free mani applications!

We came across liquid nail tape last year but found that these products were generally based internationally and postage charges were fairly high. Also the price point of some of these products was, well, totally ridiculous! Therefore we decided to source a product that we could sell for the half the price and offer DOUBLE the size!


Easy application

1 bottle will give you 50 + Mess Free Mani’s

Super cute bottle

Made by nail art enthusiasts

The solution to many different types of nail art, such as:


Water marbles

Stencils / nail vinyls

Acid washing or splattering

General messy nail application

We will be introducing various new nail stencils designs, water-decals and other nail art essentials to the online store soon, so stay tuned. Make sure your signed-up to our newsletter for all the latest news and offers. Thanks for reading :)

by Kelly