Why choose ‘MESS FREE MANI’ liquid nail tape?


I love the online nail community and find such creative inspiration everyday. I believe that nail artists and beauty bloggers (especially) are some of the most innovative individuals on the internet. If there is a nail art solution to be found, they’re the ones to find it! A couple of months ago I start seeing liquid nail tapes in various forms making an appearance on some of my fave social accounts, mainly Instagram – the oracle for nail artists. I started researching liquid nail tape and found that it was either ridiculously pricey, not available in the UK, horrid colours, and/or full of nasties. I tried some strange alternatives such as PVA glue (do you remember, this is the stuff we used to cover our hands with a school, and peel off) but I found that the mess completely defeated the point of a ‘mess free mani’, and well – it smells rancid.

My main concern with liquid latex nail tape was the chemicals that were obviously apparent in these products, such as high levels of ammonia. And, after the daily strain that my nails take most days – ridiculously over the top polish application (I have been known to change my mani up to 3 times a day), the last thing I wanted to do was slather harsh ingredients all over the skin surrounding my nails. Therefore I decided to hunt the market for a low ammonia (or even NO ammonia) liquid latex that would surely be a hell of a lot better for my skin. I did find some products on amazon that claimed to be NO ammonia latex body paint (that might work) but the tubs weren’t cheap – £50 plus eeeek!

So, we started our own research, and some product development, and VOILA Nail Mail’s ‘Mess Free Mani’ was born! Our product is LOW ammonia (in fact there is only a trace of the stuff in our liquid nail tape). Due to the lack of chemicals it may take a little longer to dry – we suggest waiting 10 minutes for best results, but if it’s at the sake of my nail condition and health we’re game to try a little patience. Remember you’re saving at least 10 minutes of clean up time at the end of your manicure.



Simply paint around your nails, wait to dry – go polish crazy, then peel off!


Easy application

Super cute bottle

Made by nail artists for nail artists

The solution to many different types of nail art: gradients, water marbles, using stencils or nail vinyls, acid washing or splattering, or simply – just messy nail polish application.


Liquid Nail Tape goes on sale on Sunday 22nd March 2015! We are only launching with a *handful of products on launch day so don’t miss out, make sure you get yours on Sunday.

*Don’t worry products will be replenished weekly on the website.

*FREE Shipping for Limited Time Only! Usually £2.95.

WARNING – This product contain latex and is NOT suitable for those allergic to latex, or with any significantly sensitive skin allergies. 

I would absolutely love to hear what you guys think of the product once you’ve had the opportunity to try it out. Thanks for reading and have the most wonderful weekend xxYEYxx

by Kelly